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RAM Q Universe, Inc., originated as the RAM Resource Center in 1986. Since that time, we have continually strived to provide coaching, consulting, guidance and training in methods, strategies, and applications to improve business operations. The primary areas we focus on are the management/leadership, operations, and quality of products and services provided by organizations. Our business improvement coaches have a wide degree of expertise and experience and are internationally recognized as top management and quality professionals.

We strive to achieve practical application in everything we do. One of our adages has been that when you only have a hammer in your toolbox, everything starts looking like a nail. One example of this that we have witnessed repeatedly is when Design for Experiments has been used as a problem-solving tool. This is a very poor use of this quality related tool given that there are other methods that are simpler and can more quickly get to the root cause. Thus, we have striven to provide a balanced approach to using various tools and methodologies to demonstrate continual improvement in everything we do.

Several coaches are recognized as American Society for Quality Fellow members and also hold Ph.D.'s. Three of our people have delivered over 200 public presentations, 10 research projects, published over 150 papers and 30 books. Our business improvement coaches have also received numerous awards, recognitions, scholarships and grants. We believe in continually developing ourselves as much as helping organizations to develop their personnel.

We would be honored to discuss partnering with you in assisting your organization in continually improving your business.

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